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Press releases

sureCore-led consortium wins £6.5M Innovate UK grant to develop cryogenic CMOS IP to accelerate Quantum Computing scalability. 
Sheffield, UK. 5 November, 2021


Startup enables cryogenic chip design to scale quantum computers


"Semiwise in Glasgow, UK, has developed IP and methodology for cryogenic process development kits (PDKs) that allow CMOS circuits optimised for quantum computers that operate at cryogenic temperatures to be manufactured by conventional foundries." eeNews

Enabling Cryogenic Chip Design and the Scaling of Quantum Computers

Multiple technologies have been demonstrated for generating and controlling qubits which are in the heart of every quantum computer (QC). However, QCs have only been realised with a few dozen qubits, whereas to unlock their potential, they need to be scaled to thousands or even  millions of qubits.

Revolutionary Flat Field Transistor: Ideal for IoT application 


The extremely low power Flat Field Transistor (FFT) technology developed by Semiwise is ideally suited for applications where low power is paramount i.e.  Internet of Things (IoT) and on chip Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is applicable to 40 nm, 28 nm and 20 nm bulk CMOS technologies and scalable to future bulk technology generations.