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  • Where is the monument of the Silicon Glen?

  • How much does the General Public (GP) knows about semiconductors and why this may be a problem?

  • Where is the monument of Yordan Kasabov and the Bulgarian Microelectronics?

  • Where is the monument of the MOSFET and it's inventor?

  • Tutorial on key concepts of TCAD based DTCO and STCO at IEDM'21.

  • Semiwise in Glasgow has developed technology for CMOS chips built on standard foundry processes to be used in large-scale cryogenic quantum computers:

  • Semiwise is delighted of becoming a Silicon Catalyst Ecosystem partner.  

  • Enabling Cryogenic Chip Design and the Scaling of Quantum Computers 

  • The Flat Field Transistor (FFT) - ideal IoT bulk CMOS technology